Welcome to the ‘Rethinking Learning Disability’ wordpress site! The site has been set up to support an ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council [UK]) Seminar Series with this title, organised by Dr. Murray Simpson and Dr. Ed Hall (University of Dundee) and Prof. Chris Philo (University of Glasgow).

The concept is to run a seminar series with three one-day events. The purpose of the series is to: (i) rethink learning disability as a social phenomenon set within variable time-space contexts at different scales; (ii) bring in the voices of PWLD, as far as possible, as a resource/provocation for such rethinking; and (iii) bridge across from academic dialogues, via voices of PWLD, into the realms of policy.

The pages in this wordpress site (see page titles in bar above) currently contains information on the rationale of the overall seminar series, plus details of the first seminar (in Dundee on 22nd November 2012, for which we are basically ‘full’).  The intention is that the site will carry a record of the three seminars, hopefully with links to audio-visual edits of seminar proceedings.  The hope is also that it can become a source of blogs (posts) responding to the seminar series, perhaps to our overall rationale but particularly to the contents of the three seminars to be uploaded here.

The brilliant image at the top of this page is courtesy of John Hall, Orwell Arts, Garvald Edinburgh: Creative Opportunities and Support for Adults with Disabilities.


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