Participants Seminar 2


Ed Hall University of Dundee, Geography
Murray Simpson University of Dundee, Social Work
Chris Philo University of Glasgow, Geographical & Earth Sciences

Nicola Grove “Openstorytellers”

Inform Theatre (Dundee Rep.)
Amanda Lowson Sean Cole
Claire Flynn Fiona Knight
Jonathan White Derek Buik
Ronnie McLeod Graham Lapham
Lorraine McGregor Lorna Strachan
Catherine Williamson Nicola Shirkey
Linda Sheridan Michael Stankavach

Janis Mackay Liz Campbell
James Allison Aillil Finlayson (and supporter)
Edward Fitton David Clemenson (and Ian Finn, supporter)
Brian Williams Martine Sandison

Hannah Young
Anne Banks
Jessie Lindsay

Other invited attendees
Victoria Smillie University Glasgow, Geography/Health & Wellbeing
Jennifer Clegg University of Nottingham, Community Health Sciences
Julie Allan University of Birmingham, Education
Sarah Gorst Local Area Co-ordinator, East Dunbartonshire Council


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