Participants Seminar 3


Ed Hall University of Dundee, Geography
Murray Simpson University of Dundee, Social Work
Chris Philo University of Glasgow, Geographical & Earth Sciences

Raymond Bell (Head of Commissioning, Social Work Services, Glasgow City Council)
Jennifer Clegg (University of Nottingham, Community Health Sciences; Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust)
Anna Cooper (Professor of Learning Disability, Mental Health & Well-Being, Gartnavel Royal Hospital, University of Glasgow)
Chris Creegan (Chief Executive, Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability [SCLD])
Keith Etherington (National Co-ordinator, In Control Scotland)
Nicola Grove (“Openstorytellers”)
Beth Hall (Policy Manager, Health & Care Team, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities [COSLA])
Angela Henderson (Head of Policy & Performance, also Local Area Co-ordinator [LAC] Lead, Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability [SCLD])
Sarah Gorst (Local Area Co-ordinator [LAC], East Dunbartonshire)
Loretto Lambe (PAMIS)
Jean MacLellan (Director, Care & Support Team, Adult Care & Support Division, The Scottish Government)

Nicola Grove (“Openstorytellers”)
Sean Cole (Inform Theatre)
Lorraine McGregor (Inform Theatre)
Nicola Shirkey (Inform Theatre)
Linda Sheridan (Inform Theatre)


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