Seminar 3 Video Record

Here you can find a professionally produced video, providing an overview of the whole Seminar Series, but concentrating particularly on contributions to Seminar 3.  Starting with an introduction to the Seminar Series, videoed extracts from Seminar 3 then follow.  It also includes a final contribution from one of the series organisers, Chris Philo, which seeks to summarise some of our own (re)thinking of learning disability (as prompted by the series) with various links back to claims made by previous contributors (in Seminar 3 but also in Seminars 1 and 2). 

In order to achieve best results when viewing this video through our WordPress site, we are advised to suggest having no other tabs or browsers open on your PC, laptop or other device, and thereby dedicating processing power solely to the video.



Video credits

Video Filming and Production: Sync or Swim Productions (Kerr Castle)

Sound Recording and Engineering: Phillip Collins (University of Glasgow) 

Voice Over: Johnnie Crossan (University of Glasgow)

Music: Drew Mulholland (Composer; Honorary Researcher, University of Glasgow)

Logo: Image used as a ‘logo’ for the whole Seminar Series (including in the video) provided courtesy of John Hall, Orwell Arts, Garvald Edinburgh: Creative Opportunities and Support for Adults with Disabilities


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